Your Expert LASIK Care Begins Here

At Edina Eye you’ll receive the most advanced treatment in laser vision correction performed by LASIK surgeons who will see you through the entire process, from initial consultation to your post-operative visits.

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LASIK’s Ultimate Technology in the Hands of the Area’s Most Accomplished LASIK Surgeons

WaveLight® refractive technology combines newer surgical advancements into a LASIK procedure personalized for your ideal vision. If you’re looking for LASIK that’s as unique as you are, the WaveLight® system may be right for you.

Benefits of LASIK Surgery – 20/20 Vision and Beyond

Our doctors insist on the highest levels of conscientious care, and that means spending time with you not only on the day of surgery, but before and after as well. Your eyes are unique and need to be evaluated by your surgeon throughout the process. This personalized approach separates Edina Eye and ensures you receive the care you deserve. We understand the importance of streamlining the process, but we also understand the intricacies of the eye and won’t put what’s best for us above what’s best for your health.

Included in Your LASIK Surgery Pricing

  • Physician eye exam and personal consultation
  • procedure and facility fee
  • Physician post-operative examinations
  • Enhancements for one year
  • Lifetime Commitment
  • Discount on premium sunglasses

You Need to Talk with an Eye Expert Before You Decide if LASIK Is Right for You

Although LASIK surgery is widespread and growing in popularity, it is still eye surgery and nothing should be assumed or taken for granted. It is essential to have an eye exam and personal consultation with your surgeon long before you meet in surgery. At Edina Eye, your LASIK surgeon will care for you throughout the process. The first step is a pre-surgery consultation to discuss your unique needs.

General Requirements for LASIK Surgery

  • 21 years of age
  • Good general health
  • Stable vision prescription for one year minimum
  • No existing eye disease
  • Comprehensive eye examination by a LASIK surgeon

Wavefront Analyzer Maps Your Eye

At your initial consultation your LASIK team uses advanced Wavefront technology to capture a three-dimensional map of your visual imperfections. This remarkably precise digital breakthrough — 25 times more accurate than prescription lenses or contacts — allows your surgeon to design a custom treatment for each eye, improving your vision far beyond what you have ever seen before.

PRK Could Be Your Better Option

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is a surface treatment available for patients with thinner corneas or other corneal irregularities. It may also be recommended for patients with extreme lifestyles.

  • PRK corrects visual errors without creating a flap as in LASIK procedures
  • For certain individuals, eliminating the flap lessens the risk of complications
  • Safe and effective for people suffering from nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism

How PRK Works

Your surgeon removes a very small amount of tissue at the front of the eye – a nominal amount that does not affect the cornea’s strength or function.

  • Your surgeon uses a cool Excimer laser to slightly reshape the cornea’s irregularities and allow light to focus properly on the retina in the same customized fashion as with LASIK
  • Slight discomfort in the days following the procedure is normal, but soon diminishes
  • Post-operative care and monitoring are similar to the LASIK procedure

Our Doctors Make All the Difference

Doctors. Surgeons. Teachers. Community leaders. Partners dedicated to your total eye health. In a region rich with health care, the physicians at Edina Eye stand apart as your premier eye experts. Collectively, our doctors provide nearly a century of experience, continuously devoting themselves to mastering every aspect of the body’s most complex organ. No other resource can provide you with such comprehensive eye expertise – and we’ll be here for you whenever you need us, 24/7, every day of the year.