From start to finish, they were very friendly, professional and accommodating. The surgery was easy and has been very positive for me.

–Paul Young

LASIK makes everyday activities a lot easier. Everybody is very friendly at Edina Eye and the whole process went very smoothly. I have no regrets about doing LASIK here.

–McKenna Young

The LASIK surgery was absolutely the best thing I have ever done. It was a life changing event and the best money I ever spent!!

–Bill Keenan

If I were to sum up my experience at Edina Eye in two words I would say positive and thorough. Before my surgery I was impressed with the extra time they take to make sure they get it right and do it right. Every staff member at Edina Eye was friendly and helpful. The surgery was quick and pain free. Even though the healing took time and was at times painful, the team of doctors were there to help and give advice. I’m very pleased with the results, and my eyes are currently continuing to improve each day!

–Jason Wacek

My experience with Edina Eye was second to none. The staff there was caring, considerate and able to fit me in anytime I needed.  I would highly recommend Edina Eye to anybody considering laser eye surgery and cannot thank them enough for everything they did for me.

–Matt McNeely

Clear Lens Exchange (CLE)

After wearing glasses or contact lenses since I was a small child, I now have perfect vision after having Clear Lens Exchange. I still wake up in the morning reaching for my glasses! I have to remind myself I can see clearly now. Thank you Dr. Everson and all the staff at Edina Eye. You changed my life!

–Gayle McCorkell