Protect Your Eyes Before Hitting the Slopes

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Skiing is something fun for everyone! From just a weekend on the slopes to the Olympics and more. Even sitting in the ski lodge by the fire with hot chocolate can be a fun day. Vision is extremely important when on the mountainside and the glare can be deadly. Protecting your eyes not only from… Read more »

The History of the Eye

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Until recently, scientists misunderstood much of the human anatomy. From wonky illustrations of organs to misplaced faith in phrenology – the supposed ability to predict criminality from a person’s skull size and shape – there have been a lot of missteps when it comes to understanding our own bodies. As may be expected, thinkers from… Read more »

Pediatric Vision Problems and the Importance of Identifying Them

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Vision problems in children can be complicated because children, especially very young children, often struggle to describe their symptoms in a clear, articulate fashion. When certain conditions persist, they can have serious ramifications and even require surgery down the road. Complicating matters further, many vision conditions need to be identified at an early age, often… Read more »

A History of Elton John’s Glasses

When looking at the wall of frames, it seems there are way too many to choose from! How can one choose between so many styles? Choices of color, shape, rim – or rimless, size, and more boggle the mind! Maybe we should take a page from Elton John and just go with it and let… Read more »

The History of Glasses

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When you were in grade school, you might have learned that Benjamin Franklin invented “bifocals” and assumed that meant “glasses.” While Franklin did indeed invent bifocals in 1779, he did not actually invent glasses themselves – he merely created a version with multiple lenses that could help people with more complicated vision needs. So, if… Read more »

Pay for Eye Care with Healthcare Flex Funds

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Healthcare flex funds, which are kept in a flexible spending account (FSA), are a fabulous option for making eye care payments. Though 87 percent of companies with more than 500 employees offer an FSA option, a meager 21 percent of employees actually sign up.1 Why? As it turns out, many people simply don’t understand the… Read more »

What is Dry Eye?

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The human eye is a naturally lubricated organ that is susceptible to external elements. Tears keep the cornea lubricated, which facilitates ease of motion when looking, blinking or opening the eyes after rest. However, external elements like dust, dirt and other allergens can irritate the eye, inhibiting your tear ducts from working properly. When your… Read more »

Contacts or Glasses?

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Depending upon your lifestyle and vision goals, you may prefer prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Find out which best suits your needs. What are the pros and cons of glasses? Contacts? How does one decide? Maybe both? Depending on lifestyle or hobbies, it’s possible to have both glasses and contacts so you can do your… Read more »

Protecting Your Eyes From UV Rays

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Your eyes are some of the most versatile and sensitive components of your body. While we treasure our sight and can see a broad range of light spectrums, we may be endangering them by simply walking outdoors. The sun emits harmful UV radiation that may affect not only your skin, but also your eyes. With… Read more »

Contact Lenses vs. Pools

Can You Wear Contacts In The Swimming Pool? Simply…No. Wearing contacts while swimming can cause threatening eye conditions and infections. According to the FDA, contact lens should not come into contact with any sort of water, such as tap water, fresh/salt water lakes, oceans, Jacuzzi and most importantly showers. Check out our easy tip infographic below… Read more »