For decades sunglasses were a simple form of protective eyewear consisting of nothing more than dark or colored tinted glass. These early sunglasses effectively served the basic purpose of reducing eye strain and dimming bright light but accomplished little else. Then, polarized sunglasses were developed, revolutionizing the protective eyewear industry.

What Are Polarized Lenses?

Edina Eye Physicians, serving Minnesota patients, sunglasses and every day wear, polarized, excellent eye careIf you’ve shopped for prescription eyeglasses recently, you’ve probably been asked whether or not you’d like polarized lenses. This question is often met with raised eyebrows and questioning looks from patients. What on earth are polarized lenses? They aren’t your grandmother’s sunglasses, that’s for sure.

Polarized lenses are specially treated with a filter that blocks out intense light, glares and reflections. Years ago, polarized lenses were most commonly used by hunters and fishers who wished to see completely clearly while outdoors without squinting from glares. Nowadays, polarized lenses are perfect for drivers, boaters, bikers and those who have undergone eye surgery and are suffering from sensitive eyes.

How Do Polarized Lenses Help?

Polarized lenses have proven useful in many areas of life for thousands of patients. By reducing uncomfortable and annoying glares or reflections, these lenses can make everyday activities like driving even safer than before. This increased clarity can even help maintain or improve eye health for some patients because they no longer have to strain and squint to see while they go about their lives.

In some situations, polarized lenses may not be as useful, however. Skiers, for example, rely on the reflections from ice to avoid potentially dangerous patches and remain safe during their high-speed downhill journey. Individuals with LED or LCD TV or smart phone screens may experience decreased clarity and visibility while wearing polarized lenses. Despite the few situations in which polarized lenses are less helpful, they provide an overall clearer view of the sun-drenched world and offer better quality of life for wearers.

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